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Who are we?

The Jazbec family was engaged in shoemaking before the Second World War, and today the third generation continues the tradition. The first pre-war workshop was in Tržič. The operation of this already quite well-equipped production with quite a few employees was interrupted by the nationalization procedures after the war, which left most of the family businesses without hardware, materials and workers.
Zgodovina Pavel Jazbec
However, since there was a shoemaking tradition in Tržič, the knowledge of shoemaking remained among the people. Fairly soon, simple productions began to be started in houses around Tržič. Footwear was made completely by hand and nothing else was needed except for materials, knowledge and hand tools. In the big Jazbec family, everything revolved around shoes. Thus, some in the family were engaged in manufacturing, while others were already involved in the sale of footwear on the market of the former Yugoslavia. At first, footwear was made simply, by hand, with tools. Later, machines were introduced into production, capacities increased and footwear was sold in stores throughout Yugoslavia.
After Slovenian independence, Pavel Jazbec introduced a production line for the production of directly injected footwear with polyurethane soles. This type of footwear is extremely comfortable, light and soft. Since then, all the company’s products have been made using this technology.

The products of the brand JAZBEC PAVEL are made of quality materials and provide the user with a unique experience of comfort.